Terms and Conditions

The following applies to part of/or full valuation of the price received for your holiday booking, if the caravan becomes unserviceable due to a fault.

(1) With regret if we are unable to provide your caravan Holiday on or before your arrival date due to caravan being unserviceable, we will fully refund all monies which you have paid i.e deposit / final or full payment, and offer you a money off voucher up to the value of £100 for 7 nights.
(2) If a breakdown occurs and the caravan becomes unserviceable, we will endeavour to repair it a.s.a.p. if we decide this has effected your holiday we may offer you a cash percentage refund or money off voucher up to the value of £100 for 7 nights. Owners decision is final.
(3) If you have to vacate caravan due to unserviceability and it results with the loss of your holiday we will offer you the cash percentage price value of days left on your holiday, and a voucher up to the value of £100 for 7 nights. Owners decision is final.
(4) Cancellation, of your holiday booking:
(i) if you cancel your holiday before 6 weeks of your arrival date no money will be returned i.e non refundable deposit £100. Owners decision is final.
(ii) If cancel your holiday 5 weeks before your arrival date total holiday cost will refunded , minus £100 non refundable deposit. Owners decision is final.
(iii) If you cancel your holiday 4 weeks before your arrival date;  50% of monies paid will be returned not including £100 non refundable deposit. If we are able to re-sell the holiday dates at the same original asking price, we will then return all payment, less the £100 non refundable deposit. Owners decision is final.
(iv) If you cancel 2 to 3 weeks before your arrival date; any money received will not be returned unless we are able to re-sell the holiday dates at the same original asking price, we will then return all payments, less the £100 non refundable deposit. Owners decision is final.
(v) If you cancel 7 days or less before your arrival date no refund
On arrival at Kiln Park, persons who have booked privately with owner do not have to report to the main Haven Reception desk, please call John on 07813325060 before you arrive on site; John the owner of the caravan will welcome you at the caravan.
Late arrivals, we are flexible with our customers who have long journeys to make and a pre-arranged time of up to 9pm in the evening is available. We are also aware of people arriving late due to no fault of their own because of breakdown or traffic, please keep us informed if this is the case so we can arrange a suitable time.
Day of departure John the owner will be at the caravan at 10.30am, if you wish to leave before this, please arrange with John on 01646 681738/07813325060
Caravan owner must be notified of any problems at all times concerning caravan. Hirer reporting problems directly to Kiln Park reception incurs a call out fee of £40 which is charged to the owner regardless of the outcome, this will be charged to the hirer if the owner has not been informed of the problem.
If you have any problems with the caravan appliances or need replacement of laundry or cutlery, etc. please contact John on 01646 681738/07813325060 who will only to be pleased to help you.
Any request for a change of bedding will be charged at £5 for each bed.  
Any major replacement breakages, damage or extra cleaning will be charged to the hirer.
Any criminal damage may lead to police/civil action and notification to other owners of privately owned caravans on site.
Any person or persons who are asked to leave the site by Kiln Park or owner before the termination of their Holiday Hire, will lose the right of any reimbursement of monies paid.
We do not except any liability for injury/loss/stolen or damage to your personnel effects.
We advise our customers to obtain their own insurance to cover themselves/any loss/ stolen or any damages to personnel effects and the full and partial payments fees of their Holiday due to unforeseeable circumstances which may lead to a cancellation or late arrival of their holiday.

No smoking in our caravan any damage caused by cigarette burns will be charged to the hirer, we do not supply ashtrays. Please dispose of your used cigarettes safely on site, please keep the surrounds of the caravan tidy.
Our caravan is fitted with modern Smoke and Heat Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Gas Alarms.
A Fire Extinguisher is available in our caravan.
Cold Weather Please be aware of steps and decking being iced up and slippery in frost or minus degree temperatures use handrail at all times when entering and leaving caravan.
Switch off gas and all electrical appliances especially at night or when the caravan is vacated for long periods of time.
No portable fire heaters are to be used in our caravan by the hirer. It is against the law to use unauthorised untested equipment any resulting fire causing damage will be liable to you the hirer with possible prosecution by the Health and Safety Inspector.
Keep mobile cots away from any hot surfaces/heaters.
Turn off main gas fire in the lounge at night or before retiring to bed gas fires remove the oxygen from the air and require constant vetaltion.
Accidents/illness please contact reception, a staff member of Haven Parks, security or owner.
Inform owner of any accidents in caravan.
Please note No Pets are allowed in our caravan.
Any pets found in our caravan will result in termination of the holiday by breaking your terms and conditions of the hirer, persons will be asked to leave, with no reimbursement of monies paid, the owner of the caravan frequently checks the caravan.
Using our caravan to sleep more than the maximum of 8 breaks the hirers conditions/Kiln Parks rules and regulations in the Health and Safety purpose of use regulations.
Please do not feed scraps of food to the sea gulls outside the caravan, this can result in the gulls’ consistent annoyance to you, this can also lead to a large increase of younger children being attacked by these gulls on site, always make sure any waste is put inside the wheeler bins provided nearby, do not leave rubbish bags outside caravan or bins.
Action in case of Fire
If you discover a fire, evacuate all persons from caravan upwind at least 100 metres, raise alarm by contacting reception or call 999, address Goscar Court 40, Kiln Park, Marsh Road, Tenby if it is safe to do so turn off Gas and Electric from outside the caravan at the main junction boxes, alert adjoining caravan accommodation never re-enter Caravan in case of Toxic fumes, do not put yourself or others in danger. When all persons are safely evacuated and the fire has been reported, please inform the owner John.
After your holiday if you can spare a few minutes please make any comments on our website www.tenbycaravanhire.co.uk or our facebook page Prestige Caravan in Kiln Park Goscar Court, Tenby.
Please take our business cards and pass them on to your friends, we thank you for your custom and for any comments we receive from our private customers that may improve our services and standards in the future. We hope you enjoy your holiday staying in our caravan.